Service User Guide


The Service User’s Guide provides comprehensive written and up-to-date information about the agency and the service it provides. This is available to service users, carers or advocates in an appropriate language and/or format. If you require information in the bilingual Welsh language, then please contact us and we will provide the information in the correct format upon request.

The Service User Guide also acts as a summary of our Statement of Purpose will also be visible for all parties and be available upon request for inspection by the service user (client) and a representative of the service user (client). These arrangements will also be supported by manual copies as a measure of good practice. Emmanuel Healthcare is committed to meeting standards in accordance with section 28 (1) of the Care Standards Act, as specified in regulation 4 and Schedule 1 of the Minimum.

About Emmanuel Healthcare

Emmanuel Healthcare is managed by an experienced management team. Combined with over 30 years’ experience in Health & Social Care. Emmanuel Healthcare provides temporary nursing care for short and long-term assignments. We also provide professional support to our staff and place expertise into the relevant areas of clinical practice. We operate our service 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year.

Emmanuel Healthcare specialises in the provision of all grades of Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Support Workers, and associated personnel into different areas of temporary work assignments. Whether this is within a private and public sector setting or as a contractor with an approved provider, these providers include the following stakeholders:

  • Nursing Care Homes
  • Residential Homes
  • NHS Health Boards/Hospitals
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Private Hospitals

Emmanuel Healthcare recognise that Practice and Care Managers are responsible for budgets and the use of agency personnel must be managed effectively. Our aim is to maintain a high-quality service which is cost effective, priced and with no hidden charges. Our aim is to ensure that the personnel we provide integrate smoothly with your existing team. Whether you need locum cover for a few hours, days or for longer periods. Emmanuel Healthcare can assist, we recognise the need for continuity and will endeavour to provide consistency of staff and return them to organisations and care settings in which they are familiar with.

 Recruitment Supply of Agency Staff

Emmanuel Healthcare values its clients and wants each one to be confident in the staff we provide. We follow a comprehensive recruitment and selection process and all our staff is thoroughly vetted prior to being offered assignments. Emmanuel Healthcare aims to supply only persons of integrity, who are competent and suitably qualified. We assign our staff to areas of practice which best reflect their skills and expertise.

  • Each Agency Worker is interviewed face to face and the following checks are made:
  • Two written professional references
  • NMC PIN for all Registered nurses
  • Two or three forms of identification one of which has photographic evidence
  • Documentation confirming applicants current address
  • Immunisation status and completion of health declaration
  • Enhanced level DBS check, POVA, and POCA checks
  • Reference requests

Applicants are required to provide evidence of training and qualifications at an interview for viewing and copying. Registered Nurses are required to provide evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and to complete a questionnaire detailing their clinical skills and experience.

The process adopted by Emmanuel Healthcare for its recruitment and selection of Employees, Nurses, and Agency Workers, meet all the requirements of legislation and employment including that relating to equal opportunities and discriminatory practice. Copies of Emmanuel Healthcare policies, procedures, and guidelines are available to each Service User upon request from the Registered Nurse Manager. We welcome all feedback and complaints from all staff members, services users, and clients. Emmanuel Healthcare aims to develop and improve its high-quality services. Comments, feedback, and complaints should be made to the Registered Manager by telephone or in writing.

We will support Healthcare Assistants to achieve NVQ II/III standard or equivalent qualification complimentary to their personal development. Registered General, Mental Health & Learning Disability Nurses are qualified to Band 5/6 standard and members of the agency will be entitled to participate in a professional training program managed by the agency.

We aim to work closely with care, nursing homes, learning disability and mental health support units wider sector partners and the NHS to coordinate placements whilst meeting the needs of our stakeholders for the benefit of service users with all the relevant information required before they become engaged in services provided by Emmanuel Healthcare.

Circumstances The Agency May Cease to Provide Services to a Service User

The circumstances when the agency may cease to provide services to a service user. These are usually because of risk to the health and safety of service users and /or care workers. Situations can include environmental factors for example where a work placement has been deemed unsafe to work and often where certain infections can be present or even due to service user behaviour where a member of staff could be subject to abuse.

Emmanuel Healthcare aims to carry out detailed risk assessments of each placement whether any measures for staff safety are identified. In exceptional circumstances, a meeting would be arranged with all interested parties, issues discussed, the actions agreed. Staff being replaced either due to absence or placement suitability, we will ensure that contact is made to advise of a temporary change in service. In the event of a permanent change, because of a review, an outcome letter will detail these changes to the service user.

Arrangements Cancellation of the supply of a Nurse (Service User/ Agency)

Whether you require temporary cover for a few hours, days or on a long-term permanent basis, we aim to fulfil your requirements promptly and professionally. The booking procedure is straightforward and our friendly and professional team welcome your calls during and outside normal office hours. We provide temporary staff cover for holidays, sickness, training or for during periods when there is a need for permanent vacancies.

When a client contacts our office, we will take full details of their staffing requirements. We can take your booking by telephone or email and will endeavour to fill your position and keep you informed during this process. We will confirm bookings within the earliest possible time. Emmanuel Healthcare request 48 hours’ notice for the request and cancellation of a supply of a nurse or other temporary workers.

Whilst we appreciate situations can often happen this notice period will allow us to inform the member of the staff of the cancellation and who can then make alternative arrangements. Failure to provide sufficient note will incur an associated cost to the client acting on behalf of the service user at the agreed chargeable contracted rate as per our terms and conditions.

Sickness & Absence

In the event of sickness, we encourage our staff to give as much notice as possible if they become unwell and become sick or suffer from illness. We advise to please contact the Registered Nurse Manager and aim to give at least 48 hours’ notice. This will allow us to decide so that the shift is covered and we can ensure a suitable replacement is found. When returning to work our Registered Nurse Manager will aim to undertake a back to work interview and health & safety risk assessment to ensure agency workers are fit to return work and perform their duties on placement when providing care to service users.

Timesheet Requirements

Emmanuel Healthcare has implemented a Timesheet management system to support the administration and gathering information from agency workers upon completion of shifts and working hours. We request for Timesheets to be submitted weekly by email, text message or in the candidate section of the website. Timesheets must be submitted electronically as a secondary measure we can accept manual Timesheets signed by both the agency worker and the client.

Emmanuel Healthcare places trust in agency staff to manage Timesheet submissions in line with our compliance and inspection procedures Timesheets are also for the attention of the finance department responsible for payroll services.

Hours of Operation

You can contact us inside or outside office hours, the agency is staffed by professional and experienced personnel who are happy to discuss any queries or concerns you may have. Our office is open from 8.30am to 5 pm Monday to Friday; an on-call service operates outside of these hours.

Insurance Liability and Protection

Emmanuel Healthcare is currently insured with Markerstudy Insurance Company Limited to protect our Public Liability requirements and liability up to and not less than £10 million. As a measure of good practice, the policy will be reviewed monthly to ensure our agency requirements continued to be protected to ensure a fully compliant nurse agency. Emmanuel Healthcare benefit from a dedicated account manager at Markerstudy Insurance Company Limited who provides advice and guidance on our insurance requirements.

Plans for Service User Patient Surveys

We realise continuous improvement and feedback is equally important to enable us to assess our position on what services we provide and how we can continue to add value to service users, representatives and clients. Emmanuel Healthcare and its senior management team will lead on service user and patient surveys as part of our commitment to service improvement and to identify lessons learned in the marketplace. The agency will also record evidence of the information we receive and continuously communicate these findings to our staff and where this may apply to regulators.

Where the agency becomes an employment business in future we aim to develop appropriate guidance to ensure we remain compliant with the Employment Agencies Act 1973 which is an act to regulate employment agencies. Emmanuel Healthcare will ensure we are wholly committed to our obligations and the Service User Guide will be updated accordingly to reflect this change in the future.

Procedures to Safeguard Service User & Patients

Emmanuel Healthcare takes its responsibilities seriously and we will be overseeing internal procedures to ensure our procedures to safeguarding nurses and patients remain compliant and our actions are consistent with our internal controls so we are consistent and benefit from practical experiences and to identify ways for continuous improvement. The aims and objectives of Emmanuel Healthcare are to work closely with stakeholders in the Healthcare sector to implement our company policy as a Nurse Agency to help implement this policy.

Emmanuel Healthcare has a duty of care to its employees, Agency Workers and to its service users, we aim through this policy to meet and exceed the expectations of the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (“POVA”) and appropriate sector, regulation, legislation, and compliance. Emmanuel Healthcare is also aware of other Government’s guidance such as the Welsh Assembly’s “In Safe Hands”, and the Protection of Vulnerable Adult Policy. Emmanuel Healthcare aims to issue our POVA policy to our workers for the reporting of suspected or witnesses episodes of abuse to ensure the well-being, protection of vulnerable adults and service users.

Some people are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation because they are dis-empowered within society, disabled people, with learning difficulties, with mental health or emotional or psychological difficulties and frail elderly people, are more at risk of abuse for than others. Care should be delivered with sensitive regard and services should be tailored to the vulnerability of the person and must also address and maintain the privacy and dignity of the service user. We would strongly advise referring to our safeguarding procedures policy for further information. Matters related to the property of service users and related to Care Homes internal procedures and policies.

Procedures for Administration of Medication to Service Users

The Medication Policy sets down minimum acceptable standards and behaviours expected of an Agency Worker placed through Emmanuel Healthcare, where they are involved with medication to safeguard the best interests of service users and patients, clarify the scope and limitations of the responsibility of the Agency Worker, support service users and patients with their medications, clarify the role of the unqualified Agency Worker, encourage safe systems for handling, storing, assisting and administering medicines, minimise risk, identify communication structures for concerns, errors and risks, define “assistance with medicines” and “administration of medicines”, ensure that recording and control of medicines is correctly performed to prevent loss, inappropriate access to and misuse of medicines by patients / carers, residents, staff or any member of the general public and support the Agency Nurse to work to the highest standard when involved in the prescribing and administration of medicines in accordance with the Nursing Midwifery Council Professional Conduct.

Protection of Nurses Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Management System for Emmanuel Healthcare is kept in the office and is available for inspection by any interested party upon any reasonable request. Emmanuel Healthcare agrees that to ensure that the health and safety policy is sustained in an effective condition, it is essential that the information is up-to-date and accurate. It is the responsibility of Emmanuel Healthcare to ensure that suitable revisions are made that reflect changes which have taken place within the company.

Emmanuel Healthcare’ Responsible Person will advise on new and relevant legislation throughout the year and review all documentation on their annual audit. In addition, the policy will be reviewed if accident reports or the findings of any management inspections raise concerns.

Emmanuel Healthcare encourages all employees to inform their immediate superior of any areas of the health and safety policy that they feel are inadequate to ensure that the policy is maintained as a true working document. These procedures are in place not only to ensure the protection of service users but include nurses, healthcare assistants, Emmanuel Healthcare representatives and maintaining and safe working environment for others.

Accident Reporting Procedures

In compliance with the requirement of Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. In the event of an accident information that is entered the accident book will be kept for a minimum of three years. Near misses are defined as incidents that almost become accidents, but only missing by a very small margin of error. All near misses should be reported and recorded because a series of near misses could very easily become a hit or an accident. Relevant risk assessments and safe systems of work may require revision following a near miss incident. The person administering first aid treatment will record all accidents.

The records will include the name of the casualty, date, time and the circumstances of the accident with the details of the injury sustained and any treatment given. All accidents, no matter how small, must be reported in accordance with the company’s accident reporting procedure. In accordance with RIDDOR guidelines. Reportable Accidents, Incidents, Near Misses & Diseases.

These events are reportable to the Health & Safety Enforcement Body. They will ask for brief details about your business, the injured person, and the accident; and within 10 days you must follow this up with a completed accident report form (F2508) to the enforcing authority within 15 days. Please note, Emmanuel Healthcare is not responsible for the placement of agency staff in the homes of service users.

Arrangements for Out of Office Hours

As employers, we have a duty to all employees, casual workers, part-time workers, trainees, visitors and sub-contractors who may be in our workplace or using equipment provided by the company. Consideration must also be given to Nurses working out of hours during late shifts.

Emmanuel Healthcare will offer support to Nurses and agency staff with transportation arrangements during out of office hours to distant locations of work and our subcontract company and represented bus driver will also be obliged to complete a risk assessment in accordance with our Health & Safety policy under the Health & Safety Act 1974.

Emmanuel Healthcare will also aim to factor this service into our 24hour support line service where Nurses are welcome to contact us when they require further assistance with travel arrangements. In addition, Emmanuel Healthcare’s Management will ensure they: –

  • Assess all risks to worker’s health and safety and bring the significant findings to the attention of employees.
  • Provide safe plant and equipment that is suitably maintained.
  • Provide a safe place of work with adequate facilities and safe access and egress.
  • Provide adequate training and information to all employees regardless of their position within the company.
  • Have provisions in place to guarantee that articles and substances are handled and stored in a proper manner.
  • Provide health surveillance to employees where it is deemed necessary.
  • Appoint competent persons to help comply with health and safety law.

Service User Views on the Service

All service users and their representatives are asked to complete an annual user satisfaction survey which together with advisory reports and information will be considered to promote continual service improvement by gathering feedback in service user and patient surveys to measure the quality of our service and ongoing progress. We believe in striving for excellence in line with our slogan and as a measure of best practice, we aim to engage service users on a fortnightly basis to gather regular feedback to ensure we continue to review positive comments and address concerns which could be raised to us in future. Emmanuel Healthcare will take forward these actions in line with our making complaints and giving compliments against the activities listed in our Statement of Purpose.

Copies of Emmanuel Healthcare’s agency supporting policies such as;

  • Agency Worker Handbook
  • Disciplinary Policy Procedures
  • Health & Safety
  • Medication Policy
  • Staff Induction & Training Policy
  • Staff Supervision Policy
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy & Procedures
  • Whistle Blowing Policy
  • Disciplinary Procedure

A copy of each policy is available upon request.